Anthropocene? Flash fire more like.

Anthropocene? Flash fire more like.

So the idea of the Anthropocene is now in full flow and a committee is to decide whether it is to be an official classification.

But we have often been told that the time of humans on the planet is just a moment in the eons of deep time. So what will this era look like in the rock/fossil records of the deep future? A feint trace. A feint trace of some flash fire that rapidly swept around the planet, consuming much in its path.

If we got to call it something, the agro-capitalocene, would be better. The turn to agriculture – then the capitalist/industrial revolution making the conditions just right – for a flash fire. See Haraway on the capitalocene.

“According to Haraway, the true starting point would be somewhere in the human past,[ ]  where markets, trade routes, and the economical metabolisms of the world were initiated.” Source.


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