A campaign against modern human interstellar space travel research (CAMHISTR)

An Entirely Serious Proposition

A campaign against modern human interstellar space travel research #CAMHISTR

I think it is extremely unlikely that humans will successfully travel beyond our solar system. The scales of space-time will make it impossible in the period of time that humans are likely to be ‘successfully’ on earth.

But, just in case, we should have a campaign against modern human interstellar space travel research (#CAMHISTR).

Modern humans have despoiled this planet, are violent and destructive, and should be confined to poor old earth. If there are other amazing planets out there, in other solar systems, we should not be allowed anywhere near them.

Many (most?) sci-fi narratives are about terrible monsters ravaging across inter-galactic space (with plucky humans taking them on). But if we do get to travel in space we are likely to be the monsterswe ARE the monsters.

Modern humans have travelled across the spaces of the seas and wildernesses to other worlds and been the alien from hell, and ushered in the era of ‘ecocide’. Let’s not allow this to repeat itself.


About Owain Jones

I work at Bath Spa University as a Professor of Environmental Humanities. I also write songs and help stage a range of live music with others. I am Chair and Programmer for Priston Festival.
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2 Responses to A campaign against modern human interstellar space travel research (CAMHISTR)

  1. Fascinating stuff Owain. Please let me know if you’re doing any more work in this area. I’ve just started a related research project – at this stage focused on “off earth mining” but looking to space more generally (http://thomvandooren.org/2015/05/01/off-earth-mining-and-an-ethics-of-interstellar-flourishing/).


    • Owain Jones says:

      Oh right – cheers v much Thom – let’s get together – it feels a bit random – but actually it is a massive issue. I am not anti US per se – but we need to keep in mind that “the land of free” is the outcome of eco/gen/ocide that took place less than 200 years ago – a few generations really. There is a great BBC film called Lewis and Clark , something which charts their Govt expedition from the East to West coast of America. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_and_Clark_Expedition. 1804 to 1806. The bottom line is that they recorded an amazing biodiversity and set of cultures that were wiped away in a few decades after. Will we do the same again in space? I really dont think we will because we will not get off the planet in intersellar terms. But that means …- well what does it mean??


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