Design and Environmental Humanities Research Seminar Programme Spring 2016

Emailed by Michelle Bastain;  Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh; contact details below.

On behalf of Sonia Matos who is leading the project, I would like to announce a series of talks which have been funded by Edinburgh  University’s Challenge Investment Fund on the theme of Design and the Environmental Humanities.
The series seeks to build capacity at the university for leading discussions on the role that design practice and enquiry might play within current multi- and interdisciplinary environmental research.

Find out more below or by following the link:

Speakers include Anne Galloway, Stefan Helmreich and Clara Mancini.

The series will be kicked off this Thursday at 4pm with a talk from myself:

Multispecies Methods: Participatory Research and the more-than-human

This paper analyses the outcomes from a recent research project that explored the potential for developing more-than-human participatory approaches. Over the course of four workshops, the team drew on participatory design, participatory action research and ethical frameworks for community-based participatory research to frame their encounters with dogs, bees, trees and water. Discussing some of the affordances and frictions that we experienced in this process, I will draw out some of the consequences of trying to link the ‘more-than-human’ and ‘participatory research’ together.

Please do come along and be part of the conversation.

Best wishes,

Michelle and Sonia.

Dr Michelle Bastian

Chancellor’s Fellow, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Level 1, Room 303B The Maltings

20-22 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JZ

Phone: 0131 651 5779




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