Freeing public space from adverts – rolling back ecocide (a bit)

In a recent talk, Ecocide Water Art,  I said that I felt that images such as the one below, and advertising more generally, were mediums of ecocide. We are (more or less) continuously bombarded with messages to consume and form certain types of identity at the expense of ourselves, our communities and the environment (The Three Ecologies, Felix Guattari) through that consumption.


See the story here

I also suggested that we need to move from consumption based forms of social life to creative based forms of social life. The mayor in question,  Eric Piolle, is quoted as saying

“It’s time to move forward in making Grenoble a more gentle and creative city. We want a city which is less aggressive and less stressful to live in, that can carve out its own identity. Freeing Grenoble of advertising billboards is a step in this direction.”

In the UK the recent political agenda has been, in part, based upon ‘rolling back the state’ so it is less ‘intrusive’ in civil society. This should be applied to the market too. And this seems a very good example of exactly that.




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