RGS_IBG 2016 cfp: Cultural Geologies: Working with stone in the geological turn

As usual there are a lot of very interesting cfps emerging from the RGS-IBG Annual Conference. This one stands out in the context of the environmental humanities, I feel.

Cultural Geologies: Working with stone in the geological turn

Sponsored by The Social And Cultural Geography Research Group

Convenors: Dr Rose Ferraby (University of Exeter);  Dr David Paton (University of Exeter)

This session will explore the emerging field of cultural geology (Ferraby 2015; Paton 2015; Romanillos, under review). Developing from studies of the crafting and industrialised working of stone, the cultural geological perspective offers new ways of thinking about our relationship with the land and its substructures. Arising from attention to the specific trades, skills and knowledges that form within and in relation to distinct geologies, our understanding of human culture becomes entangled in the material lifeworlds of other species, and the liveliness of all matter. Stories of people and stone weave through the land on a temporal scale that is at once vast, yet resolutely intimate and bound to individual lives. In this way, cultural geology offers a serious point of discussion — a grounded model around which to debate the Anthropocene and the nature of humanity’s relationship to the matters of the earth.

This session encourages creative, multi-disciplinary approaches to the exploration and investigation of cultural geology. We welcome the involvement of scholars working between disciplines, and encourage discussion and practical presentation of different modes of working with stone and the geological.

Please send abstracts (250 words) by 5th February to:

Rose Ferraby rf281@exeter.ac.uk

David Paton dap207@exeter.ac.uk



About Owain Jones

I work at Bath Spa University as a Professor of Environmental Humanities, and I am Director of the University's Environmental Humanities Research Centre
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