Why? and Why

So 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of (the start of)  the global financial crash – which signalled misery for many and that current forms of capitalism are wildly  unsustainable – in their own terms, let alone ecologically, socially etc. Alongside, and related to that, the growth of popular resistance to current neo-liberal forms of globalisation, corporate dominance, the rule of elites,  and so on (Trump, Brexit) shows an even greater mistrust of the prevailing conditions of western society  and economy.

If ever there was a time for more popular uptake of ‘green’ ideas  or even ‘green-red’ ideas this was surely it. But instead people have turned to the right, to insularity, to mistrust fear and hate. Why?

And this shows just how far we are away from any viable form of sustainable turn in society and economy. Even when the current systems are busted, and seen to be busted, and rejected; the most obvious progressive  and hopeful alternatives are not only not reached for, they are pushed further to the margins. That is why, perhaps,  only more profound breakdowns will bring about meaningful change.


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