Patrick Curry Paper; Defending the Humanities in a Time of Ecocide

I met Patrick at the launch of the the Environmental Humanities research centre at Bath Spa University

I felt in sympathy with his comments on ecocide, STEM   and much else.

Here  is one of his papers Defending the Humanities in a Time of Ecocide   which is on his blog.

I am very interested in the question – to what extent do the environmental humanities challenge Modernist science and the STEM  culture. From Patrick’s paper:

“First, science –  or to give it its proper name, denoting  what it has now become, wherein science and technology are a seamless amalgam, technoscience – is one of three interlocking engines of the ecocidal megamachine, which we could also simply call ‘modernity’. The other two are capital, to which it is subordinate, and the state, with which it works alongside. Examples include GMOs and the nuclear power industry: funded by capital investment, developed by technoscience, and protected by the state.”


About Owain Jones

I work at Bath Spa University as a Professor of Environmental Humanities, and I am Director of the University's Environmental Humanities Research Centre
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