Alicia Keys on (black) male identity, America and consumption. BBC 100 Women interview

Part of the BBC 100 Women 2016

[Asked about some of the questionable gender politics in hip hop]

“when you grow up in America [ ] black America its very very hard, very emasculating, it’s a difficult life, its survival, and when you have made even the smallest – anything – [pause] you know you really want to be respected, and you really want to have power, and you really want to show everybody that you have achieved what you have achieved. America tells us that success is ownership. You own houses, and you own cars, you own items [interviewer – women?] – you own women. You own things. And that’s what makes you successful. It’s a way almost to be a man – a respected man. It’s an illusion – but you know – I get it.

Full interview here. Quote about 7 mins in. Make sure you are on the full interview – which is interesting on other matters too



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