UK Academics pull out of AAG. What should we be doing?

Obviously world affairs are somewhat startling and upsetting.
I kind of feel the leaders of my University should be making some statement(s) on the situation.

It directly challenges our ‘normal’ working parameters.

Below is an email from the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (headed by Loughborough Geog Dept) saying they are pulling their session from the AAG – which is quite soon.

From: A forum for critical and radical geographers [mailto:CRIT-GEOG-FORUM@JISCMAIL.AC.UK] On Behalf Of Jon Cloke
Sent: 30 January 2017 11:57

Subject: US Immigration Ban

List members might like to see this email sent by the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network to the organizers of the AAG 2017 today:

“As you may be aware, over the last few years the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network has organized sessions at the AAG on a transdisciplinary basis for geographers and others involved in energy and development. We had been in the process of organizing some sessions for the next AAG and a number of our colleagues in the global south have been in contact with us about this.

We are sure that you have been watching the events transpiring at US airports over the weekend, regarding the ban on entry to Muslims from a list of countries, with the same mixture of horror and disbelief that we experienced. We understand how these policies came into being but it is impossible to believe that they represent the US we know and work with.

Even if a substantial number of our members were not Muslim, the discriminatory, unconstitutional and racist nature of these immigration policies of the new administration make it impossible for us to attend US conferences in the current climate and we will be informing our global membership of this decision.

Our hearts go out to you at what must be a very difficult time for the vast majority of US citizens who believe firmly in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Nonetheless, no academic of conscience could leverage their privilege to fly into the US to further their career, at a time when our Muslim colleagues are so discriminated against.

We look forward to being able to attend the AAG again in the better times ahead which must surely come.”

Email by Jon Cloke . The centre’s website is here

There is also an academic boycott of American conferences list here

Not saying a boycott is the right thing- but one serious option for action for sure.


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