BBC Belatedly Wakes Up to the Environmental Crisis? But…?

Two recent prime times TV programmes ‘Drowning in Plastic’ and Andrew Marr on Darwin’s Dangerous Idea  seem to show that, finally, decades late, the BBC is taking the environmental crisis we are now deeply in, seriously. Both programmes made is clear that life of earth as we know and love it, for humans and non-humans alike, is  unpicking, and the future, in terms of decades, not centuries, begins to look very uncertain, even hostile, certainly tragic and scary.

What these programmes don’t do, apart from citing a few examples of pockets of good practice (there are lots), is to really start asking; how do we move from current forms of modern society, which are systemically unsustainable, systemically toxic,  to new forms of culture, economy and politics. Such questions are not even being asked, let alone answered in any mainstream arenas. And the BBC, and we (modern elite humans) , are all part of that.


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