Deadline approaching: CFP for ACLA in Los Angeles. Tropical Disasters: New Approaches from the Environmental Humanities

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Deadline approaching: CFP for ACLA in Los Angeles. Tropical Disasters: New Approaches from the Environmental Humanities

by Charlotte Rogers

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Call for Papers


September 21, 2017


California, United States

Subject Fields:

Atlantic History / Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Literature, Maritime History / Studies, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies

The interdisciplinary field of the environmental humanities offers new ways of considering tropical disasters.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and similar incidents were once thought to be acts of God or isolated natural occurrences.  New eco-critical approaches to the field, however, challenge the separation between human activity and environmental events.

This panel departs from the premise that there is no such thing as a natural disaster.  Instead, it explores the interplay of environmental, historical, economic and cultural factors in producing human vulnerability and resiliency to tropical catastrophes. This panel invites submissions of paper proposals that analyze the cultural productions of tropical disasters, ranging from literature, music and art to food, film and folklore. All time periods and geographical locations will be considered, with special attention given to proposals that are transnational, inter-oceanic and/or theoretically innovative.

Submit a 300-word proposal and brief bio at between Thursday August 31st and Thursday September 21st, 2017. Queries to

Contact Info:

Charlotte Rogers

Assistant Professor of Spanish

University of Virginia

Contact Email:

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1992 “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity” reissued, updated and signable

This is kind of interesting in that it reproduces the 1992 warning along, with a new version of it

The doc is here

people can sign the new version

See below email to CritGeogForum

Date:    Wed, 6 Sep 2017 21:14:12 -0700
From:    “J.P. Sapinski” <jpsapin@GMAIL.COM>
Subject: FW: [Scientists-warning] Invitation to be co-signatory on article “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity”, A bit more help is needed after signing

If you agree with the following, please consider adding your name as a
signatory and forwarding it to your networks:

——– Forwarded Message ——-

Dear Scientist,

Twenty five years ago, in 1992, the Union of Concerned Scientists and
more than 1500 scientists published the famous declaration entitled
“World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity”. They called on humanity to curb
environmental destruction, warning “all humanity that a great change in
our stewardship of the earth and the life on it is required, if vast
human misery is to be avoided.” Now, on the 25th anniversary of their
famous call, we looked back at their warning and evaluated the human
response over the last quarter century. This 25-year update will soon be
published by BioScience.

To see the in press article “World scientists’ warning to humanity: a
second notice” and add your name as a co-signatory, click:

This short article is only 1,000 words long and can be read in 6
minutes. If you are a scientist, we invite you to endorse this article
by adding your name to the co-signatory list. In doing so, when the
article is published by BioScience, you will be included in the full
list of co-signatories in the article’s online supplemental material. We
invite all types of scientists to sign (e.g. ecologists, economists,
social scientists, medicine, etc.) including graduate students in the

Please forward this email to any other scientists in your contact list
that may also be interested in signing. For example, you could simply
forward this email to your working group.  If you use Twitter, consider
inviting your colleagues to add their signatures by including
#ScientistsWarningToHumanity in a tweet.

With your help, by forwarding this email to your scientist contacts, we
will have many more scientists as co-signatories to present to world
leaders. The deadline for signing is September 19, 2017. Thanks for
helping get this important message to world leaders and to humanity. As
of today, September 1, 2017, the article has been signed by nearly 7,000
scientists from 135 countries.

Thank you, Bill

William J. Ripple

Distinguished Professor of Ecology

Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society

Richardson Hall #321

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR 97331

<> <>

As of now, we still need at least one scientist to sign the paper and
be the voice for these mostly small countries:

Afghanistan, Ãland Islands, Albania, American Samoa, Andorra, Anguilla,
Antarctica, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Aruba, Azerbaijan, the
Bahamas, Bahrain, Belarus, Benin, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Bouvet Island, the British Indian Ocean Territory, Brunei
Darussalam, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, the Central African
Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the
Comoros, the Congo, the Cook Islands, Cuba, Djibouti, Dominica, El
Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, the Falkland Islands (Malvinas),
the Faroe Islands, the French Southern Territories, Gabon, the Gambia,
Georgia, Gibraltar, Greenland, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Guinea,
Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, the Holy See,
Iraq, Isle of Man, Jamaica, Kiribati, Kuwait, the Lao People’s
Democratic Republic, Latvia, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,
Macao, Macedonia, Maldives, Mali, the Marshall Islands, Martinique,
Mauritania, Mayotte, Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of
Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Myanmar, Nauru, Niue,
Norfolk Island, the Northern Mariana Islands, State of Palestine, Papua
New Guinea, Paraguay, Pitcairn, Qatar, Rwanda, Saint Helena, Ascension
and Tristan da Cunha, Saint Kits and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Maarten
(Dutch), Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,
Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone,
Somalia, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, South Sudan, the
Sudan, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Swaziland, Syrian Arab Republic,
Tajikistan, United Republic of Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Tokelau, Tonga,
Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Virgin Islands
(British), Wallis and Futuna, Western Sahara, Yemen

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Ende Gelände: Exposing the climate hypocrisy of Western European democracies

Sharing this very interesting blog post from Entitle

ENTITLE blog - a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

By Jens Friis Lund, Jevgeniy Bluwstein, Adam Ronan and Rebecca Leigh Rutt*

The climate justice platform Ende Gelände is at the forefront of European civil disobedience against widespread inaction in addressing climate change: it exposes political hypocrisy while forming a new generation of activists

03 Civil disobedience – in this, case blocking a railway to stop the flow of coal to a power plant – involves lots of quiet waiting time, as long as the police permits. Photo credit: Jens Volle

During the last days of August, we took part in some of the action days of Ende Geländeto disrupt lignite (brown coal) extraction and burning in Western Germany. Around 6,000 activists had assembled to demonstrate that the use of fossil fuel is no longer socially acceptable.

Over the past three years, Ende Gelände has developed into an inclusive platform for groups and individuals who seek climate justice…

View original post 1,016 more words

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Volkswagen’s new tag line is  ‘We Make the Future Real’

Volkswagen’s new tag line is  ‘We Make the Future Real’ –  yes, thanks for that, we are all looking forward to it very much.


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Wrack Zone: Call for Papers, Panels, and Other Presentations; ALECC Biennial Conference

Source: Wrack Zone: Call for Papers, Panels, and Other Presentations; ALECC Biennial Conference

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Down By the River – an evening of art and entertainment Bristol Sunday July 3rd  – part of the Towards Hydroitizenship project – Water City Bristol Case Study 

Source: Down By the River – an evening of art and entertainment Bristol Sunday July 3rd  – part of the Towards Hydroitizenship project – Water City Bristol Case Study 

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BBC Radio discussion wih the great Wendell Berry, along with Paul Kingsnorth and Kate Raworth

Source: BBC Radio discussion wih the great Wendell Berry, along with Paul Kingsnorth and Kate Raworth

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